Phonemic Fall Fun Workshop

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Watch one, two or binge on all three training videos from the comfort of home wearing your favorite PJ's and sipping on a tasty drink, while adding to your teaching toolbox.  

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September 29th
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October 31st
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November 21st

"A child’s level of phonological awareness on entering school is widely held to be the strongest single determinant of the success that she or he will experience in learning to read--or, conversely, the likelihood that she or he will fail." - Adams, 1990: Stanovich, 1986


Phonemic awareness is the ability to hear, identify, and manipulate individual sounds (phonemes) in spoken words. Before children learn to read print, they need to become more aware of how the sounds in words work. They must understand that words are made up of speech sounds, or phonemes (the smallest parts of sound in a spoken word that make a difference in a word's meaning).


Come join us this fall for lots of phonemic fun as we explore activities that can be added to your phonemic awareness collection!  In this training video series, we will talk in detail about the importance of phonemic awareness in the early school years and share effective teacher tools to implement a cognitively rich experience to inspire your preschool, pre-k, bridge and t-k children.  You will be equipped with the right materials and activities to create an engaging experience for your kiddos right away. 

Included in this workshop:

  • 3 one-hour-long videos to be watched multiple times and at your leisure

  • large collection of thematic materials in pdf format that can be used right away

  • certificate of completion for 4 hours of professional development

  • research based training

  • best teaching practices

  • access to our Teacher's Table, a private Facebook community

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