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Hocus Pocus, Let us Focus

June 5, 2017


Once the novelty of playing with the pieces wear out, the kids are ready to focus.  At this time, the teacher will craft a story that the children will enact on the Hocus Pocus card in front of them.


Today, seashells were washed onto the sand, some were tossed back into the ocean.  A child picks one and takes it home.  A hermit crab moves into one and scuttles away... As the stories are told, the children are asked mathematical questions about what they are seeing.  (i.e.:  How many seashells are on the sand? How many are in the ocean? How many total shells are on your card?)



Thought was put into the design of the card as well.  We used sandpaper to represent the sand.  The children touch the cards and it opens up a conversation of what sandpaper and sand is (crushed seashells, rocks and corals).


This is a wonderful activity that uses hands on interaction to learn pre-math concepts, vocabulary, patterns, position understanding, while honing in on listening skills.


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