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End of Summer Treats

August 1, 2017




Summer is fading away (much like our tans and shiny hair...). To me, that signals time for a little self pampering in preparation for the school year ahead.

 So here are a few things I like to do for myself before school starts.  These little end of summer treats can fit any budget. I have no affiliation with these products... just my personal experience.


1.  HIGH END:  Get a mani/pedi

     LOW END:  Give yourself a coat of nail polish


Did you guys notice all of the white-ish nails all over the place this summer.  That's right.  The color of the season was a shade of white with creamy undertones.  


O.P.I It's in the Cloud


My personal favorite was Essie's Tuck It in the Tuck.  It has a hint of pink in it.  



Both of these are pretty sheer.  I recommend 3 coats!


2.  HIGH END: Deep conditioning at the salon

     LOW END: Hair mask at home


For my at home hair mask best pick, I chose It's a 10.  It made my hair feel ultra silky.  It is a splurge at $30 a pop, but I just saw it at Target for $25.


 Of course, many swear by coconut oil for a hair mask.  I consider it the Windex of this century.  (Did you catch the My Fat Greek Wedding reference?)




3. FREE: Meditate


I have found from personal experience that meditation keeps me focused, centered, improves my posture and asthma, and keeps my heart rhythm in check.  You can meditate for 5 minutes a day and see the difference.  Wouldn't you want to spend 5 minutes of your day to make you feel awesome the other 1,435 minutes?  Seems like a good investment to me.


Also, there are a ton of meditation videos on you tube.  Some of them are for specific goals: relaxation, concentration, sleep, anxiety, depression, stress relief...  you name it!


Just go to YouTube and do a search of for your own needs. While you are there, visit our channel:



Come back often, but every Tuesday we post Teacher Tips to inspire you, create new materials and share!


Happy Teaching!!

Andrea Miller

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