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FREE Workshop: 6 Ways to Prepare Your Students for Reading Success

September 12, 2017


Hello Teachers and Parents!


School is back in session... for those in Harvey affected areas, like us, we just had our second First Day of School today (after two weeks of school closings!).  We are more than ready and excited to start afresh our new school year.  With new beginnings, we are often asked "where do we start?"


Many times our teachers and parents ask me “what can I be doing to help my kids be prepared for big school?”. While there are many things we can do as teachers -- teach them to share and take turns, to wait in line for the bathroom, and to button their own pants (just to name a few),


we also have to prepare them for future academic success in a way that is meaningful and fun! 


So we've carefully planned out and outlined and effective workshop that guides you on how to do just that!  Join us for a FREE live workshop where you will discover simple, effective, and fun strategies to prepare your preschooler, pre-k, bridge or kindergarten for future reading success.   

By the end of this FREE live workshop you will be prepared to walk in your classroom with new strategies you can do immediately to help build the skills your students need to be good readers. 


*Learn the basic principle foundation for reading success.

*Learn the 6 essentials skills early learners need to master to be future successful readers.

*Learn the #1 skill that teachers and parents can do with their children to help them become good readers.

*Discover what you can be doing today and every day to help your students for future reading success.

*Get all your questions answered with a live Q and A session.


In this Free live workshop, we will talk in detail about how to build a reading foundation for future successful readers and share effective teacher tools to implement a cognitively rich experience to inspire your preschool, pre-k, bridge and t-k children.  




You will be equipped with the right materials and activities to create an engaging experience for your kiddos right away!



See you at the Webinar!


Andrea Miller

Visit our page to Register Now for this FREE workshop.  Attendance spots are limited!

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