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Back to School Jitter Glitter

September 22, 2017

We've been busy back in school (Just finished our second week)!  Sorry we haven't posted in those two weeks, I just got done putting together this awesome webinar and was swamped.  More on that later.




Back to our regularly scheduled program.  On the first day back, it has become a tradition at my school to read Julie Danneberg's "First Day Jitters".  If you are not familiar with this book, it explores the feelings and fears of the main character, who is more than a little nervous about the first day back.  It is not until the very end that we discover that (SPOILER ALERT ) the protagonist is actually the teacher!!!  The kids love that!!!


I love reading this book with my preschoolers on our first day (And I still read it with my own children, now in 3rd and 5th grade).  Because of their age and attention span, there is a lot of paraphrasing (this book is a bit too "wordy" for the wee-bits).  I introduce the book tittle and explore with them what the word "jitters" means.  We come up with words that describe it and talk about the feelings that one might feel when having the jitters... a weird feeling in the tummy, a heart beating faster than usual, shakes and rumbles...  As we go through the book and look at the pictures, I point out the things that are happening as seen from the point of view of the main character.  We review the causes of her nervousness and her reactions to it.



After the story is told, we talk about our feelings before coming to school that morning and how I deal with them.  GLITTER of course!  Jitter Glitter.  I tell them that whenever I get the jitters, I use my magic jitter glitter and immediately feel all better.  Then it is the kids turn to get a little sprinkle on them for good measure.




A the end of the day, they take home a little baggie with some of my magic powder with a note for their parents with directions on how to use, IF NEEDED.



The very next day, my teachers and I dust our faces with shimmery make up to greet the little ones in the morning. The kids always notice and the parents often shake their heads, knowingly.  


Another tradition at my school that has evolved through the years is that I personally send a package to my kiddos who have graduated my program and are entering kindergarten in the fall.  A couple of days before school starts, they receive in the mail the book, a letter from me and a small packet of glitter.  Many a parent have let me know, that they used they sent off their brave kiddos with glitter on their hair to school.





Happy Teachings!

Andrea Miller















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