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We are Going Batty!

October 25, 2017

The theme for the past couple of weeks was, appropriately, BATS!!!  Not the swinging type, but the "I can use echolocation" type.  Eeeek...  Eeeeek!


Here are a few ideas for your classroom:


These little guys were just adorable, unique and very easy to make.  We had the kids color paper plates with yellow paint, gave them a few triangles of different sizes and let them use their imagination to design their own.  I loved how they all turned out different, but definitely recognizable as bats!


For this project, we had the kids use sponges to apply orange and white color to the edges of the bats over a black piece of paper.  


We measured them...


We counted them... 

 We told number stories...

Played matching games...

 We sang songs about them...



 And we explored in our...

 Bat Cave.


One of our snacks was the super yummy and a twist on a classic:  Bats on a Branch (Or should I say 'under')...





What have you been working on in your classroom?


Happy Teachings!


Andrea Miller



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