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The Bubbling Cauldron Dramatic Play

November 2, 2017

Oh, I have the best job EVER!!!!  I get to design, make, share and see in action the funnest Dramatic Play sets.  It feels like reliving childhood all over again.  Even better, as I get to see it through the inquisitive eyes of a preschooler.


This Halloween I put together this super fun dramatic play:  The Bubbling Cauldron.  It has a ton of fun items that you can find around the house, but magically shape shift into rats tails, dragon bones and moonlight...




 I made recipe cards to go with the ingredients.  Here are a few suggestions:


Vampire teeth:  white rocks from Hobby Lobby.  You can use some red nail polish for the bloody tips.  Ours are pink because we used them for our dentist unit.  The kids stuck them in pink playdoh gums.  lol


Eyeballs:  they are super cheap anywhere after Halloween


Skeleton Powder:  baking soda, salt, baby powder, etc


Moon Dust:  yellow sand and gold  or silver glitter


Worms:  you got it... fishing lures


Rat tails:  yarn


Spider juice:  colored water and some floating glitter


Bag of bones:  cheap Halloween candy bought the day after Halloween


Ghost toes:  this is a cute one... cotton balls


Owl feathers:  real feathers


Bat wings:  dyed bow-tie pasta


The kids have a blast with it.  And we kept some of the vials glue shut.  This was a super fun activity.  I hope you guys try it in your dramatic play.


Happy teachings!


Andrea Miller





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