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Subitizing in Preschool

December 5, 2017

Subitizing is the ability to quickly identify a small number of items in a set without having to count.  This can be achieved either perceptually or conceptually.  A child can immediately perceive 3 cookies on a tray or 4 buttons on a card, without really counting those items.  Or they may understand the concept that a group of 3 blue buttons and 3 green buttons makes 6.  


Subitizing is a foundational skill to build fact fluency.  It is our job and privilege in early childhood education to use lessons, activities and games to help build the necessary number sense foundation for math in a fun and engaging way.


We've put together a couple of videos demonstrating the skills.  It is quite interesting to see how the kids come up with their ideas and to hear their discussions.  Enjoy!




The materials used in these lessons can be found at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  This particular one is FREE, so go download it now.  ;)




Happy Teachings!


Andrea Miller


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