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Ski Lodge Adventures and Activities

January 31, 2018

 We are having a blast this season with our ski lodge dramatic play area.  There are just so many fun things that can be incorporated into this theme in order to make learning extra creative and 


I'd love to give you a tour of our dramatic play area as well as the activities we have associated with this theme.


 Ski lifts, warm up areas, a ski school and a treats area are only a few of the imaginary areas the kids delighted on...  Unfortunately we need a first aid area as well.  lol

 The kids can explore the workings of a pulley, as they lift our toy skiers up to the top of the mountain.


 Super easy... we hot glued skis to our Little People collection.  We tried to use the ones with hats (for protection when going down the slopes!)





We made the slopes with just a few materials:

  • a cardboard box

  • white paper

  • cotton balls

  • glue


 Here is an aerial view of our lift and the mountains out back!

We used the same idea for the lift in one of our centers.  We tied some yarn across the window and the kiddos had to organize the lifts by number using clothing pins.

Meanwhile, back at the lodge...




Every lodge should have a little hot cocoa area... just saying!  We also had blankets rolled up in a basket for extra coziness.


 My  11 year old put together this pulley system for the lift.  It was her idea, planning and execution.  Brilliant!


Dramatic Play is super fun, but there is still other types of traditional learning that needs to go on at school.


As the kids come in, they hang their coats and bags.  We encourage them to go through the multi step check in process independently.  They know to drop off their water bottles and lunch kits in their specific baskets.  Then they will move on to this board.  During these weeks, they will draw a snowball, following the rules of handwriting that they have learned in the classroom.



Take a virtual tour of our ski lodge dramatic play by watching this video!


Please, share on Pinterest!


Here are a few activities we have lined up for this unit:


 Play dough snowman:

 Dress up snow man:

 Mittens number games

 Tempura paint with a drop of dawn soap used to paint foil:

 Our home bridging activity.  The kids are sent home three paper plates and asked to build a snowman.  They will bring them back home and talk about it on the days they are chosen to lead the classroom as our "gardeners of the day":

 Small motor skills at work cutting out snowballs with their names:





You can find the materials on my TPT site.




Happy Teachings!


Andrea Miller







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