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Valentines Post Office and Writing Center Dramatic Play

February 13, 2018

Valentines is the ideal time to expose our little ones about to a post office and the concept of sending good ol' fashioned correspondence.

 Below is the little little corner of the classroom where we set up a writing center.  

 One of the days leading up to Valentine's, they decorate their little boxes.  We got them free from the post office and wrap them in white paper.   Cut a hole big enough for all of their odd shaped valentines that they bring to school through the end of February.

 We use some of the materials from the writing center for other reading and writing activities.  Like the activity below.






 This morning, we mailed out our letters that they made for their families.  We went through the whole process of  stuffing the envelopes...

 sealing it...

 addressing it...

 putting a stamp on it...

 ... and finally, walking them down to the mail box to send their letters home...


Before sending the letters, I transcribed some of the cute stuff they wrote in their letters and placed them as speech bubbles in the classroom.  Adorable!


Some of our cutie pies enjoying playing old fashioned card games while things were slow down at the post office. ;)



This is the list of materials we used to put together the post office and writing centers.  If you click on the image, it will take it to the Teachers Pay Teachers's shop:




Happy Teachings!


Andrea Miller



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