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Subitizing - Sub-a-what?!

February 20, 2018



That was my response when my then kindergartener told me she was subitizing in class today.  At that time I had been teaching pre-k students for almost five years. She just so happened to be one of my prek students as well. I took pride in having a well-balanced, preschool program that would prepare children for entering elementary school. But here I was wondering what in the heck was subitizing?!  Is this a new concept?  (It still comes up on spell check incorrectly!)   Is this something I missed?!   To make things worse, my daughter was pronouncing it incorrectly so I had no way of looking this thing up.


But sure enough, when I went in for conference a few weeks later, her teacher mentioned the math activities that included subitizing.   Again…sub-a-what came to mind!!  So, I had to ask. After a nervous giggle, I told her that Evie was running around the house telling me she was subitizing. And I had no idea what she was talking about. I was certainly embarrassed since this was my profession and her teacher knew it. Aaaargh!!  Then she pulled out the dot cards and proceeded to explain the process…


POP! The light went on and instantly I knew…this wasn’t a new concept… I had seen this before.  Not only that, it was a concept that I was passionate about and that I had been trying to use in the public school system years before.  I was so pleased to hear that my youngest was being exposed to this concept, as my oldest child did not get to work with it. 


While I was trained as a math specialist and worked in several classrooms over the years, some teachers would brush off the importance of this valuable skill. It was awesome to know teachers were now jumping on board and implementing this in their classrooms in full force. I was also relieved that I HAD been using it in my own classroom and exposing my pre-k students. Now I just had a new name for the concept and I was sure to share it with my preschool parents.


What is subitizing?Why is it so important?Why do I need to be doing it everyday with my students?How do I know if they are getting it?


Join me as I Share simple, easy and effective ideas to build subitizing skills. Create meaningful mathematical talks and thinking in the classroom to Inspire a community of mathematical thinkers.


  • Learn to make a difference when moving early childhood students on to more difficult tasks involving number sense.

  • Plan and execute fun, differentiated and effective daily subitizing activities

  • Find materials that you may have in the classroom to bring subitizing to life

  • Learn how to quickly assess (Are they getting it?)

  • Bridge the lesson with super fun take home activities (Get your parents involved in the fun)

  • Get all your questions answered with a live Q and A session


This is a FREE live online event, where you will have the opportunity to ask questions.  Please, register at our website. Share with your friends, colleagues and involved parents!


Happy Teachings!


Watch the first VIDEO here!

Happy Teachings!

Andrea Miller

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