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Number Sense

February 22, 2018


Our little ones develop number sense at a very young age.  By two years of age, they intuitively identify 1, 2, or even 3 objects without actually knowing how to count them.  That is called Subitizing!




By pre-school, we have found that our kiddos can easily play card games.  They love it so much, they often ask for us to bring out the cards!


Here are a few games we play with them at school...




Please, join us this Sunday February 25th at 4:00PM CT on Facebook for a  free live Webinar about Subitizing.


Have you heard or seen the word subitizing popping up all around? It isn’t a new idea although many say it is just coming around in the last 10 years or so. The concept and idea has actually been around for years.

Do you know what it is? Why is it important? Why do I need to be doing it every day with my students?  How do I know if they are getting it? Or would you like a fresh perspective or a few new ideas on how to help your children improve their subitizing skills?

Maybe you have heard it.  Maybe you have not.  Maybe you just want a fresh approach.  Sometimes I know my kids are getting bored.  Heck, I’m getting bored!!  This is a great way to take on a challenge and shake things up!

Join us as we Share simple, easy and effective ideas to build subitizing skills. Create meaningful mathematical talks and thinking in the classroom

 to Inspire a community of mathematical thinkers


After the webinar, you will confidently:


  • Learn to make a difference when moving early childhood students on to more difficult tasks involving number sense.

  • Planning and executing fun, differentiated and effective daily subitizing activities

  • Find materials that you may have in the classroom to bring subitizing to life

  • Quick assessment (Are they getting it?)

  • Bridge the lesson with super fun take home activities (Get your parents involved in the fun)

  • Get all your questions answered with a live Q and A session


This is a FREE live event, where you will have the opportunity to ask questions.  Please, register at our website.  Share with your friends, colleagues and involved parents!



Happy Teachings!


Andrea Miller









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