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ECE Strong Summer

April 26, 2018

"We are approaching the end of the school year... Do you sometimes feel that you have exhausted your superpowers just about now?  I am really ready for summer!!!!

It's the end of the day...  I'm gazing at the blue skies outside and my mind wonders off into fields of fluffy grass and me, barefooted, only faintly noticing the music of buzzing of bugs near by, while I enjoy my sweet lemonade wearing some fabulous sunglasses...





That thought comes to a jarring halt!  I have to dash back to the classroom for hours of planning, prepping and preparing for all the end of the year tasks...assessments, reports cards, award ceremonies...just to name a few. On top of that the kiddos are beginning to bounce with the excitement of warmer days! 


I know my year would go much more smoothly if my teacher tool bags (our real life utility belts) were full with fun, easy and effective lessons and activities that would take me through the year with more easy to enjoy this time of the year -- SPECIALLY during those extra crazy, busy times like holidays and the end of the school year.


Oh if I had only spent a little time over the summer getting organized for the upcoming year.  Free from the stress and pressure of everyday classroom responsibilities and daily demands -- I would be so much more relaxed now!  "


This was me a few years ago. I was trying to balance teaching during the day, planning before and after school, transporting my own children to various activities, doing homework, grocery shopping, cooking dinner, back to cutting and laminating before bed....oh and not forget trying to keep the house tidy while not looking like a mess myself. It was hard and I wanted to give up. By the end of the school year I was always so ready for a break from everything! 


One summer day, I was chatting with a friend about teaching -- what I loved about it, why I felt it was my calling, why I felt it was my passion, and why I loved and missed my students each summer! hit me!

I knew teaching was my thing, but I knew I need to make some changes if I was going to survive as a teacher, mom, and wife! So, that summer I promised myself I would not spend the next year drowning in planning and prepping for everyday! I made a plan to get myself organized and put into action. I created, edited, and improved on my themes, lessons, centers/station plans and my approach to planning for the weeks ahead.


Yes, it did take me some time that summer to get it done...and, truthfully, I am always tweaking things to keep up with the best practices and such. But now I have a teacher's tool box full of fun, easy, and effective lessons and activities I can use throughout the year to make hectic times of the year run smooth as glass....well most of the time (we have all had THOSE days)!


Can you relate?


Let us help you fill your teacher toolbox! Join us this summer, and and  become ECE Strong for your next school year.  





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