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Snow Cones -- A Pretend Play Inspiration

June 26, 2018

While the days are hot and the nights are long it is a prefect time to pretend play with a snow cone stand.

The Arctic Ice Snowball stand was open for business this week at our Arctic Summer camp!          


Everyone loves a tasty, cool treat during the summer! What ways could we bring these tasty treat ideas to our classroom and make some real connections for our kids?

                         SNOW CONE!  

In our area snow cones are super popular during the summer...well most of the year as we are in Houston and it is hot, hot, hot most of the year! We have snow cone shops, snowball stands, and even mobile shaved ice trucks jingling through the neighborhoods. 

So it was no surprise when we came up with the idea to create a dramatic play area inspired by these yummy treats. 


Where do you start to look for inspiration?


My first go to is always Pinterest. I love getting ideas and inspiration from others.


After a few pins I start my search for things around that house and the Spare Oom (the name given to our storage room, based on one of my favorite stories.  The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis) 


Then maybe a quick trip to the dollar store, Target, or Walmart. Never know what can inspire me while shopping! I do set myself a budget, otherwise I would probably go over board. I really try to find items that I can reuse for multiple activities. 

I had quiet a few of these items already. The ice bucket, tray, and ice cream scoopers. I also found cups, and straws and plastic spoons. Oh and a few paper umbrellas from a past party. 


I found the colorful water bottles at the Dollar Tree. Although, over the next few days I came across many other cute bottles that would have also worked for the flavorings.  (Target dollar section, CVS, and Kroger) 


My best find was the body sponges at Walmart in the travel section display. They were perfect pretend ice! I love the variety of colors and I thought the unique texture would be an added bonus for the kids. As well, it also saved me tons of time. I didn't have to color Styrofoam balls or sew and create something to look like a ball of ice.  I also loved that the children had to manipulate the sponges a bit to get them to stay and balance in the cups. (Bit of small motor work and engineering skills....bonus!)


Putting everything together for this play center was so fun. I knew the little ones would have a blast using their imaginations to order, create, sell, buy....and more at The Arctic Ice Snowball Stand. 


Oh, and I quick trip to the local snow cone shop wasn't a bad treat either to bring our Arctic Summer camp to an end! 

I hope this little snowball shop has inspired you to create and share something wonderful for your kids! We would love to hear some of you ideas!


Happy summer and happy teaching! 



Andrea Miller






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