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Arctic Summer--A Fun Twist for A Summer Camp Theme

June 30, 2018

Each summer we offer summer camps at The Learning Garden Preschool. We always have a blast during these weeks of summer camp.  But the process starts months ahead of time with planning out our themes and activities. This summer our first theme was Arctic Summer where we explored life at the North Pole! There was a lot of learning, discovering and playing happening this week in the Arctic!


Each morning we check in with our themed 

Question of the Day. Do you like Polar Bears?

What a better way to stay cool than think cool! No Arctic theme would be complete with out playing in the snow.  Well...pretend snow for a sensory discovery. 

Snowflake prints and drawings were perfect for our little fingers to strengthen our small motor muscles and pre-writing skills.  

Epson salt and a pinch of glitter to make our writing trays sparkle for our little writers. 

Thematic Songs about Arctic animals added to the enchantment of playing in the Arctic.  


Building sentences was a great way to strengthen those pre-reading and writing skills. Children had opportunities to create, illustrate and write using these sentence building materials at one of our literacy centers. 




We spent time each morning creating and sharing math stories to practice those important math skills! 

  Counting snowballs! 

Creating ice bergs and animals prints was a great way to connect our songs, science, and small motor play.

A few extra snow inspired materials at the play dough center proved to provide lots of creative play for our little sculptors. 

It's a narwhal! I love when the children come up with better ideas at the play dough center than I do! 

Shaving cream and glue polar bear art was a favorite!  Added bonus was playing in snow (shaving cream) on the table tops after art. 

Super fun way to practice drawing shapes and writing letters!  


Snack time is also art time at The Learning Garden Preschool. We love to create art pieces we can munch on for snack. There is so much learning and discovery in these activities. From trying new foods, talking about healthy balanced eating to using our small motor and spacial awareness skills. Children create perfectly, yummy master pieces.  This is a great way to connect learning. 

Snowy Owls (rice cakes, cream cheese, bananas, blueberries, apples, and cantaloupe)

Walruses (gluten free toast, peanut butter, blueberries, bananas, apples)

Polar Bear Paws (rice cakes, cream cheese, blueberries, Oreo cookie or gluten free chocolate cookie)


Snowballs are a must while adventuring through the snowy Arctic! Simple white socks rolled in balls are the perfect snowballs for the classroom. We use them to shovel snow, toss snowballs, and have a snowball fight. This is a favorite for the kids! They ask about it each time we study a snowy theme! 

This summer we couldn't decide what to add in our dramatic play area to go along with the Arctic Summer theme. We went back and forth between a Hot Chocolate Stand and a Snow Cone what did we do....we added both! An Arctic Ice Snowball Stand and a Hot Chocolate Stop to warm up at while exploring the Arctic.   


Arctic Ice Snowball Stand

  Get your ice fresh snow cones here! 

Hot Chocolate Stop

 Warm up here at the Hot Chocolate Stop! 



This Arctic Summer camp was such a fun camp to plan for and share with our kiddos! Can't wait to get planning for our next adventure! Where will we be heading next....


I hope this post has helped to inspire you to create some Arctic fun and play to share with you little ones soon! 


Happy Teaching!


Andrea Miller


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