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Phonological Awareness Games Holiday Rhyming Games Prefect for Preschool and Pre-k

December 5, 2019


Perfect holiday Rhyming Games and more just in time to save you from the busy holiday rush! As teachers, we all know that the December holidays are filled with hussle and bussle! We know we need some quick, simple and effect lessons to keep our children engaged in learning, yet still having some fun!  This is why I love to use these easy prep rhyming lessons from my Phonological Fun Holiday Baking set.  This set is full of themed songs, lessons and games I use during my phonological awareness portion of the day. A Holiday Baking theme is a fabulous way to add a bit a magic and joy to this busy time of the year!


Prepping for Rhyming Lessons

The last thing I want to do is spend hours preparing for lessons especially, during the Christmas season. I really like to keep things simple. This set does just that! Simply, print out and cut the 12 vocabulary cards and phonological awareness game boards. 

Six of the cards will be used for the rhyming games. The first thing I always do before I play an of our phonological awareness games is to introduce all the vocabulary using these picture cards. I like to introduce new vocabulary to my preschooler use the "Silly Willy" bag activity. My kids love this activity and jump at the chance to get involved and the bonus is---I know we are building those important phonological awareness skills!

Check the Silly Willy activity in action!

The holiday baking rhyming lessons and games use six of the vocabulary cards .      Bowl






The remaining six cards are used with other phonological awareness lessons and games such as alliteration and counting syllables. However, it is always a great idea to introduce all the words to help build your student's vocabulary. During the Christmas holiday season I also love to bake with my students  This is a great connection for them as I bring in many of these materials for a hands on experience and some play time too!   


After I have introduced all the vocabulary cards, we are ready to play some rhyming games using the words. I have played these games as a whole group using a pocket chart or just placing the cards on the floor. As well, I have played the games in small differentiated groups. When I first introduce these games to my preschool and pre-k students,  I like to model with the whole class and then break them into small groups to play the games again. This allows me to work in smallers groups and focus on children at their skill level.


There are 4 different Phonological Awareness Game Boards.  This makes it simple and helpful for each child to have different individual game board. Counters, holiday erasers, and pom pom balls make excellent makers for the kids to use as they cover up word that rhyme during the games. I have found that this way I can really see and understand who is grasping the skill of rhyming and who still may need some extra support or practice.   

Playing the Rhyming Games  


ZIP ZAP Rhyming Game


Materials: Picture cards or individual game board 1 , A or B and counters to use as markers for game boards


Activity: Choose 2-6 picture cards for a larger group activity or for a smaller group give each child a phonological awareness game board and markers.


Start rhyme.  Ask children to finish each line or place marker on the correct rhyme. 

Hint: I usually use 2-5 cards depending on the group size and ability levels.


Example: Zip Zap zeggs, can you find the  ______(eggs)


                Zip Zap zowl, can you find the  ______(bowl)


                Zip Zap zit, can you find the _______(mit)


Match up Rhyme Time 


Materials: Picture cards or individual game board 1, A or B and counters to use as markers for game boards


Activity: Give each child a phonological game board and some counters. Say a word aloud and have children decide  which of the pictures matches the rhyme they hear in each word. 


Hint: I usually give children both real words and nonsense words to rhyme. We then talk about which words are real and which are silly words. Both ways are great ways to play with words.


Example: sit (mitt),  moon (spoon)  rit (mitt),  roon (spoon)


For more examples on these rhyming games, activities, and lessons visit our Youtube and Facebook page TLG4Teacers. We do weekly mini teacher training sessions with quick tidbits, tips and tricks to keep you teacher inspired all year long! 


Holiday Baking sets More fantastic phonological awareness games, lessons, and activities and can be found in my Holiday Cookies and 



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Phonological Awareness Fun Year Long Bundle

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